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A unique formula, Sao Thai Duong Valentine mouthwash not only solves common problems such as bad breath, canker sores, tooth decay and gingivitis but also gives users a refreshing experience. Valentine mouthwash is alcohol-free and sugar-free, suitable for both adults and children.

Valentine mouthwash – A safe oral care solution
Valentine mouthwash is an approved oral care solution crafted for Vietnamese consumers. Valentine mouthwash is alcohol-free and sugar-free, suitable for both adults and children. However, if you have any adverse reactions, you need to consult a doctor/dentist.

Take care of your oral health with Valentine mouthwash – a unique, hypoallergenic formula that fights bacteria causing bad breath and supportive herbs to improve gum health.
Valentine mouthwash contains nano silver, a certified antiseptic ingredient, and menthol to freshen breath. A unique mix of sorbitol, glycerin, propylene glycol and water creates sweetness and viscosity without any health risks.

Unique ingredients of Valentine mouthwash
Valentine mouthwash freshens breath and treats recurring and long-lasting canker sores. The effective combination of science and natural herbs provides multiple benefits, protecting against cavities, gingivitis and keeping teeth bright.

Valentine mouthwash (net weight: 500ml) is currently priced at 40,000 VND/bottle. You only need 10ml each use and gargle for about 30 seconds. For best results, raise it to 2 to 5 minutes and do not need to dilute or rinse with another product.

Note when using Valentine Thai Duong mouthwash
Do not gargle for too long or too fast when using mouthwash is an important rule to ensure effectiveness and avoid discomfort. Make sure to follow instructions to avoid improper use.

How to use Valentine Thai Duong mouthwash
Avoid overusing is also an important principle. Using it too many times a day can be harmful to your oral health, so use should be limited to recommended levels.

Do not dilute mouthwash without specific indication. Users need to pay attention to the instructions of the manufacturer or medical professional so as not to reduce the effectiveness of mouthwash. To leverage mouthwash’s effectiveness, avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes after using the product. This maintains the active substances in the mouthwash and provides optimal oral protection.

Purchase Valentine Sao Thai Duong mouthwash
Absolutely do not swallow mouthwash because the product is only designed to gargle and protect teeth, not to be swallowed.

If young children use mouthwash, they should be supervised by an adult to ensure that they are using the product properly and safely.

Mouthwash products should not be used by pregnant women without first discussing it with a doctor or healthcare professional. This helps ensure safety for pregnant women and users.

Buy authentic Valentine mouthwash at Sao Thai Duong

Sao Thai Duong’s Valentine mouthwash has become a top choice for dental patients. Sao Thai Duong’s authentic Valentine mouthwash is widely distributed at pharmacies nationwide, ensuring to serve the needs of users from big cities to remote regions.

Purchase Valentine mouthwash from Sao Thai Duong
Or if you prefer convenience and comfort, you can choose to order online at the website or on Sao Thai Duong’s official e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada and Tiki.
This not only saves you time but also provides the convenience of being able to order from anywhere. At the same time, you are also guaranteed about the quality and origin of the product when buying directly from the manufacturer. No matter which way you choose, owning Sao Thai Duong’s Valentine mouthwash is a great choice for you to protect the oral health of yourself and your loved ones.

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