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Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo line launched in 2000, one of the first product lines of Sao Thai Duong Pharmaceutical Company. The line was under rigorous research by a team of leading experts in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetics whose vision was to offer Vietnamese consumers a safe and effective natural hair care product.

An unique mix of Vietnamese herbals
Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo is created by a unique formula strengthened by numerous domestic herbals and state-of-the-art technology. Featured by locust bean, eucalyptus, tulsi, daisy, chrysanthemum… Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo cleanses the scalp, relieves itching & smoothes hair.
Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo meets strict GMP standards, helping to preserve the essence of medicinal herbs. Thai Duong has been clinically tested by the National Institute of Dermatology and certified safe for the scalp and hair.

Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo product line
Currently, Sao Thai Duong has launched 3 lines of medicinal shampoos, suitable for different hair types.
Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo 3 – “3 days no dandruff, no itching”: The most popular product for mild itchy dandruff and insignificant hair loss. Available in 4 versions: Thai Duong 3 Fairy Blossom, Thai Duong 3 Gentle Lotus, Thai Duong 3 Gold Passion Rose & Thai Duong 3 Green Gables.
Thai Duong herbal shampoo 7- “7 days no dandruff, no itching: Designed for hair with dandruff, severe itching & severe hair loss. Available in 2 versions: Thai Duong 7 Gold Levitating Grapefruit Flower, Thai Duong 7 Gold Magnetic Golden Rose.
Thai Duong 7 Plus Gold: a total powerhouse for dry, split ends, severe hair loss & dandruff.

Loved by multi generations, Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo is deemed “one of the most domestic haircare solutions ever available.”
Cleanse the scalp, thoroughly
Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo cleanses the scalp without causing irritation, giving the scalp a clean, cool feeling. Conditioner might never be needed ever again.
Alleviate hair damage
The herbal ingredients in Thai Duong shampoo nourish hair, strengthen hair from root to tip, minimize breakage and promote hair growth. No parabens or exotic substances.
Since its launch, Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo received love from consumers, becoming one of Sao Thai Duong’s best-selling products. The product has received many positive reviews from customers:
“I have been using Thai Duong 7 Herbal Shampoo for more than a year now. My hair has significantly reduced dandruff, my scalp is no longer itchy. My hair is also smoother and shinier than before.” – Ms. Nguyen Phuong Lan – Teacher.
“I have a lot of hair loss, but after using Thai Duong 3 Herbal shampoo, my hair loss has alleviated significantly.” – Mr. Trung – Software engineer.
“I use Thai Duong 7 Plus , my hair is smooth, no longer have split ends.” – Ms. Hong Thuong – Student.
Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo is a highly acclaimed product for those who are looking for a safe and effective hair care solution.
Currently sold at pharmacies nationwide. Try now!