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Powered by Vietnamese quintessential herbal legacy and a healthy gum formula, Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash 500ml promises a refreshing experience.

Ingredients of Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash 500ml

Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash – Sao Thai Duong Green Mint is neatly packaged in a plastic bottle in a sturdy and convenient design. The solution in the bottle is blue in color and has a liquid texture. The product has a cool fragrance, combined with a slight spiciness, creating a cooling experience after use.

Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash: Mint Flavored
The main ingredients of Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash comprise Menthol (Mentholum) 0.4g, Camphor essential oil (Oleum Cinnamomi camphorae) 0.4g, Ethanol 96% 15g, Peppermint essential oil (Oleum Menthae arvensis) 0.4g, Propylene glycol 0.4g, Cremophor HC 40: 8.0g, Sodium Flourid 0.25g, Glycerin 10g, Aspartame 0.15g, Sodium chloride 2.25g, Blue food coloring (Brillant FCF), Citric acid and purified water.

Main ingredients of Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash
Antiseptic agents such as nano silver, menthol, sodium chloride, PEG-40, glycerin, and sorbitol are integrated to kill bacteria and support oral and throat disinfection. Highlighted ingredients include peppermint essential oil and mineral salts that excel in antibacterial and prevent tooth decay. Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash also contains fluoride to nourish healthy teeth along with a unique mix of other excipients.

Results when using Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash
Thai Duong Herbal Mint-flavored mouthwash has been regarded as a smart choice for oral care. Crafted from natural herbal ingredients, Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash specifically targets bad breath but also aids in treating canker sores, gingivitis and tooth decay.

In particular, Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash thoroughly cleanses teeth, mouth, palate and even gums, thereby preventing bacteria, reducing the risk of infection and tartar maintaining a clean oral system. With the ability to eliminate bad odors in the mouth, Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash brings fresh breath and confidence all day long.

Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash effectively treats bad breath
Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash freshens breath and protects teeth from the risk of tooth decay. For the best results, you only need to take about 10 ml of Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash without diluting it. Then, gargle for 30 seconds and spit it out. Use Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash after meals and after brushing your teeth is the best way, and you should use the product 2-4 times per day.
Dosage may vary depending on specific oral conditions. You can consult your doctor or medical professional to ensure the dosage is appropriate for your personal situation.

Address to buy authentic Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash
Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash has become a staple among Vietnamese consumers for years. Reasonably priced at 30,000 VND for each 500ml bottle, Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash is now available nationwide.

Purchase Thai Duong Mint mouthwash at a reputable address
Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash provided by Sao Thai Duong Joint Stock Company is widely available on the market. For consumer convenience, this product is distributed at many pharmacies nationwide.
For those who prefer online shopping, Thai Duong Herbal Mouthwash is also available at leading e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki and many other websites. Ordering online is not only convenient but also brings many special incentives from the manufacturer.

Thai Duong mouthwash 500ml (Peppermint flavor)
Buy genuine products on e-commerce platforms
With the convenience and value that Thai Duong mouthwash brings, this promises to be a right choice for those who care about their health and satisfaction.
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Customer support hotline: 1800 1799
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