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Son la ORGANIC material Conservation and Cultivation

Started in 2018, it encompasses an area of 1800 hectares of forest and arable land in the Northwest region of Vietnam. With this land, Sao Thai Duong secures a reliable source of highly qualitative herbal extracts, essential oil, herbs, and plants and also ensures the protection of the surrounding forest.

Sao Thai Duong is committed to the lower its carbon footprint. The head office completed in ….has been built with materials and technology which allowed to save 40% of energy compared to normal construction.

The third factory currently being built uses high technology to save energy and uses green extraction technology: CO2 supercritical.

Sao Thai Duong JSC believes in a sustainable business model which is committed to the well-being of its employees, the environment, and long-term growth.

sonla Sao Thai Duong JSC is also a sponsor of numerous projects such as the Foundation School library, free medical access, disaster relief, and other educational and cultural activities.

During this pandemic, Sao Thai Duong took an active part against the virus by donating KOVIR capsules, hand sanitizers, and shampoos to hospitals taking care of infected patients.

It also developed and donated PCR tests, LAMP tests, and products against Covid-19 to the Vietnamese government and MOH.