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On February 27, Sao Thai Duong JSC was honored to attend the International Conference on pharmaceutical research by Pharma R&D, presented by the Federation of American Scientists. One of the most important conferences on pharmaceutical research, attended by 35 countries and leading experts, the event is a forum to announce the world’s notable achievements from renowned institutes, schools, and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

The presentations were selected based on the Organizing Committee’s international advisory board including the world’s leading experts in pharmaceutical research from universities, research institutes, and leading pharmaceutical companies such as Takeda, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, universities… based on research results published in prestigious scientific journals.
Annually, the conference’s expert advisory board select topics and research achievements to report at the conference.

This year, the 6th International Conference on pharmaceutical research by Pharma R&D is held from February 26-29, 2024 in Boston, the city with the most remarkable number of research institutes in the United States, which is known as a Center for higher education and health, a world leader in innovation. Given that the world has witnessed the pace of pharmaceutical innovation to address the COVID-19 pandemic, this Conference summarizes outstanding achievements in pharmaceutical research during the pandemic, notably the advances in gene technology, cell technology, vaccine production technology, new drugs to treat COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. The conference took place with nearly 100 physical reports and more than 20 online reports.
For the first time ever, a Vietnamese pharmaceutical study to treat respiratory diseases (COVID-19, influenza) was selected to report at this conference. Previously, there were 03 clinical studies of this drug published on the world’s largest pharmaceutical research data portal such as PubMed, Phytotherapy Research magazine and licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health under the name of SUNKOVIR.
The representative, MSc Lien Huong Nguyen Thi, on behalf of Sao Thai Duong JSC, the only research team from Vietnam, gave a speech on he research achievements, particularly SUNKOVIR.

A landmark of Vietnam’s Oriental medicine industry, Sao Thai Duong and the SUNKOVIR research team would love to give sincere thanks to Hanoi Medical University, Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy, Hanoi Traditional Medicine Hospital, has been recognized. at the conference to the global pharmaceutical science community.