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SAO THAI DUONG – No.1 Vietnamese Herbal Legacy Brand raising the bar to worldwide acclaim

During the 23 years of sustainable development, Sao Thai Duong, alternatively known as SunStar in select territories, remains to be the most trusted domestic pharmaceutical brand. This decade-long success is a tribute to the joint effort of both the directors’ board and the staff, who always prioritize quality over quantity in terms of the products.
Followed by our beloved tagline “Happiness to every family”, Sao Thai Duong has become a corporation comprising some of the most acclaimed brands in the domestic beauty/healthcare industry.
Currently the leading point of the corporation, THAI DUONG is well-known for highly-concentrated herbal beauty/healthcare products. Launched in 2000, THAI DUONG quickly became a household name thanks to its accessible product line & unparalleled quality. Some of the most acclaimed products include Thai Duong Curcumin Ointment, Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo, Thai Duong Herbal Toothpaste, Thai Duong Ginger Medicated Oil…

A brand specifically designed for men, ROCKET brings to the world a vision of a new generation of modern man. Ever since its launch, ROCKET strikes each consumer’s consciousness with a line of supplements, skincare & haircare for men. The most purchased products are Rocket supplements series, Rocket shampoo & Rocket body wash.

Positioning itself as a high-end herbal beauty line, NATURE QUEEN managed to penetrate into foreign markets, i.e. United Kingdom, United States & Korea. NATURE QUEEN commits to the rigorous production standards, releasing an organic beauty line without any artificial colorings, fragrances. The most acclaimed items are Herbal Shampoo/Conditioner Set, Root Nourishing Hair Serum…

Valentine is a brand dedicated to the young, positioned by its youthful and bubbly pastel brand recognition. A new beauty line has been released, including Cleansing water, Toner, Moisturizer & AH8 Serum….

Throughout a 23-year period of sustainable development, Sao Thai Duong has been receiving numerous accolades, raising the bar in the worldwide market.
2022: Sao Thai Duong received Vietnam Value regarding three 3 categories of cosmetics, supplements & Nature Queen brand.
2021: The honoree of the Top 100 Leading Brands in Vietnam
2020: The honoree of Featured Business in South-eastern Asia.
2019: The honoree of Featured Vietnamese Business.
2016: Top 5 Strong Brands of Vietnam, honoree of Prime Minister’s Certification of Appreciation.
Sao Thai Duong received numerous prestigious accolades including Golden Dragon award, Strong Brands Vietnam award, Golden Star Vietnam award.
All production lines were certified GMP by WHO and ISO 9001:2015.
Currently, Sao Thai Duong acquires a nationwide distribution system, comprising 100.000 selling points. Sao Thai Duong managed to export to over 20 countries worldwide including prestigious markets: United Kingdom, Korea, Australia, United States,…

In order to overcome any hardships & to further flourish in the future, Sao Thai Duong has built and developed a solid system of values and commitments, which is the foundation for the sustainable development of the business.
Sao Thai Duong always prioritizes quality by enabling manufacture on international standards with strictly controlled raw material sources.
Sao Thai Duong encourages creativity and up-to-date creations. The brand owns more than 13 patents and solutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods.
Sao Thai Duong associates business development with ecological conservation. The brand has implemented numerous activities including a wastewater treatment system that meets national standards, planting 1 million trees nationwide.
Sao Thai Duong actively participates in philanthropic activities including Classroom bookcases, flood area emergencies.
Sao Thai Duong has been making continuous efforts to further flourish, sustainably and beyond.
Contact Info:
Headquarters: Lot CC1-III.13.4 of Phap Van – Tu Hiep Urban Area, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Customer support hotline: 1800 1799