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Representative of Sao Thai Duong at the 2022 National Brand announcement ceremony
Overcoming thousands of registration applications, Sao Thai Duong is honored to be among the 173 businesses in the Vietnam National Brand Award in 2022.
Vietnam National Brand elevates Vietnamese brands internationally
Vietnam National Brand has had outstanding growth in 2022 by 11% compared to 2021 according to Brand Finance. We can see the importance of business elevation and creating a stronger foothold in domestic and international business development.
On the evening of November 2, 2022, the Vietnam National Brand Announcement Ceremony on a “Creating the Future” theme, was held at Hanoi National Convention Center. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and 173 award-winning businesses were also invited to the ceremony. The program is implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other ministries and branches.

VTV1 reported that Sao Thai Duong achieved National Brand 2022
At the ceremony, the Prime Minister raised the necessity of the Program for each business, both as a business strategy and to bring brand value to a broader scope. At the same time, the Prime Minister also requested that businesses continue to promote the spirit of solidarity and development, constantly innovate and create, improve efficiency in production and business processes, and ensure quality when it reaches the consumer.

Representatives of Sao Thai Duong at the 2022 National Brand announcement ceremony
Representatives of Sao Thai Duong at the 2022 National Brand announcement ceremony
Representing the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr.Nguyen Hong Dien also opined that the National Brand Award was created to raise the value of businesses’ product lines, while also affirming the importance of the products. products on the market both domestically and worldwide. During the ceremony, the Minister also emphasized the increase in the number of businesses participating in the program and affirmed that the National Brand Announcement Ceremony is the time to register the best quality, scientifically researched & highly reputed product lines.
Sao Thai Duong is proud to have 3 products winning the Vietnam National Brand Award 2022
Sao Thai Duong has been the leading brand of herbal cosmetics in Vietnam for many years. With the spirit of continuous effort and development, innovation and creativity, Sao Thai Duong has so far launched more than 130 products to serve consumers in all fields of health care such as skin, hair, and food supplements. Health protection products, etc. And right in the first time participating in the program, Sao Thai Duong is honored to have 3 product lines winning National Brand Award 2022: Thai Duong Cosmetics, Thai Duong Pharma Herbal Food Supplement and Nature Queen Cosmetics.
Sao Thai Duong is honored with 3 Vietnam National Brand 2022
Sao Thai Duong is honored with 3 product lines achieving Vietnam National Brand 2022
National Brand Award 2022 is the proper evaluation of Sao Thai Duong’s relentless efforts and methodical investment. The 3 scoring criteria for the National Brand Award are Quality, Innovation and Pioneering Capacity, which coincidentally are completely consistent with the direction and what Sao Thai Duong has done and continues to aim for over the past 20 years.
As one of the few science and technology-driven enterprises in Vietnam, Sao Thai Duong owns up to 13 patents and various creative awards such as Bronze Award “International Creativity Exhibition” – Taiwan 2019, 2018 Invention Award organized by WIPO & Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology. Sao Thai Duong ensures product quality and safety with a methodical, scientific quality management system, complete with certificates such as GMP-WHO, ISO 14000-2015,…
Sao Thai Duong also aims to develop Organic herbal resources according to USDA American and European standards with a 30-hectare herbal farming area in Son La. And Sao Thai Duong is also the company with the first factory in Vietnam that meets ASEAN GMP standards for cosmetics production.