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Sao Thai Duong – Celebrating Vietnamese herbal legacy

23 years since its launch, Sao Thai Duong Joint Stock Company has cemented its position as one of the leading enterprises in the field of manufacturing and trading herbal cosmetics. Followed by tagline “Happiness to every family”, Sao Thai Duong has brought Vietnamese and worldwide consumers highly acclaimed items, contributing to improving health and life quality.

Sao Thai Duong received Vietnam Value – National Brand Award in 2022
Sao Thai Duong – a prestigious Vietnamese pharmaceutical and cosmetic brand.
Sao Thai Duong is the leading cosmetic pharmaceutical brand in Vietnam, founded in 2000. Over the past 20 years, the brand has consistently grown, becoming one of the most promising brands worldwide.
With over 150 items available including skin care, hair care, health care and supplement line, Sao Thai Duong prioritizes natural herbal ingredients including Bodhi, basil, golden comb, polyscias fruticosa, ginseng, ginger, and betel leaves.

Sao Thai Duong is a nationwide trusted brand, winning numerous awards such as: Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam, Top 100 sustainable enterprises, Top 100 Vietnamese brands and many more.
Not only thriving in the domestic market, Sao Thai Duong also managed to expand internationally.. Sao Thai Duong’s products have been exported to many major markets including US, UK, Korea,…

Featured pharmaceutical and cosmetic lines of Sao Thai Duong
With decade-long experience, Sao Thai Duong has released numerous highly acclaimed health and beauty line, trusted by millions of Vietnamese people. These include:
Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo
Thai Duong Herbal Shampoo is the prominent line of Sao Thai Duong. An immaculate work of herbal essence and technology, offering a dandruff-free, itchy-free & ever-healthy hair. Currently, Sao Thai Duong has launched 3 lines of herbal shampoos, suitable for different hair types: Thai Duong 3 Shampoo, Thai Duong 7 Shampoo, Thai Duong 7 Plus Gold Shampoo.

Thai Duong herbal shampoo
Tay Thi body wash
Tay Thi body wash is designed for bacne and sensitized skin. Extracted from natural herbs, this shower gel nourishes the skin from deep within, bringing radiant, youthful beauty.
Thai Duong ginger medicated oil
Thai Duong ginger oil is trusted by numerous Vietnamese families. A unique formula of concentrated pure ginger extract with pure essential oils and methyl salicylate, Thai Duong ginger oil reduces body ache, except rheumatism.
Thai Duong Herbal Toothpaste
Thai Duong Herbal toothpaste is the top choice of numerous dental professionals and consumers. With ingredients from 100% natural medicinal herbs, Thai Duong herbal toothpaste provides outstanding effectiveness in cleansing plaque and yellow stains, giving you naturally bright white teeth and a radiant smile.
Valentine mouthwash
Powered by nano silver and natural essential oils, Valentine mouthwash is perfect for any oral health routine. The mouthwash kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause oral diseases, replacing it by fresh, refreshing breath all day long.
Rocket Herbal shampoo
Rocket Herbal shampoo is designed exclusively for men, crafted by a unique formula of traditional Vietnamese herbs & Piroctone olamine, offering a comprehensive solution for basic men’s hair problems: Dandruff – Itching – Dryness.
With unremitting efforts, Sao Thai Duong has become the leading cosmetic pharmaceutical brand in Vietnam, looking forward to further flourishing in the future, sustainably.
Contact Info:
Headquarters: Lot CC1-III.13.4 of Phap Van – Tu Hiep new urban area project, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Customer support hotline: 1800 1799