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Thai Duong herbal shampoo 3 flavor bottle 200ml


200ml bottle.

Thai Duong herbal shampoo consists of herbal hair care ingredients that have been distilled from thousands of years ago such as Huong Nhu, Tang Bach, Bo Bot, Five-color tree, betel nut grass, etc., combined with advanced production technology, Modern lines and unique mixing ratio create effective uses, help your hair shine, prevent dandruff, itchiness, and help reduce hair loss. In particular, herbal essences also work to help blood circulation to stimulate hair follicles to grow, contributing to stimulating hair growth faster.

Uses of the ingredients in Thai Duong Herbal Herbal Shampoo 3 flavor bottles 200ml:

Bodhi tree: The locust tree has a gentle cleansing effect. So locust has the effect of smoothing, cleaning dandruff and thickening hair.

Huong Nhu: White incense tree contains basil essential oil which has the effect of clearing incense, making sweat, clearing the scalp, light-headed, refreshing when washing hair, helping to increase blood circulation under the skin, stimulating new hair growth. Modern science has proven that incense essential oil has anti-oxydant and anti-infective effects.

Tang Bach Bi: Mulberry tree is often grown to raise silkworms and make medicine. In folklore, mulberry tree is often used to prevent hair loss, cut hair, grow hair, black hair

Man Trau: Man Trau ancient contains cyanhydric acid. As a cool medicine, often used to cook shampoo to smooth hair and smooth hair.

Thai Duong 3 herbal shampoo: 3 DAYS NO DICK – NO itch


Store in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperature or humidity.

Do not pour water directly into the product bottle

Close the lid after use.

Publication number: 01/18/CBMP-HNa

License number: 03/2019/XNQC-YTHNa

Thai Duong herbal shampoo 3 leaves flavor (200 ml bottle) how much?

Thai Duong 3 leaf herbal shampoo (200ml bottle) is being sold for 40,000 VND/set.

Thai Duong herbal shampoo 3 leaves flavor (200 ml bottle) where to buy cheap?

To buy Thai Duong herbal shampoo 3 leaves flavor (200ml bottle) you can:

Go to the nearest pharmacy to buy. Thai Duong herbal shampoo 3 leaves flavor (200ml bottle) of Sao Thai Duong is being distributed at drugstores nationwide.

Order online at website or message us on Facebook Fanpage here , contact 1800 1799 for detailed advice.

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