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Tay Thi New collagen skin whitening lotion


Ingredients of Tay Thi New collagen skin whitening lotion

Tay Thi New collagen whitening lotion contains:

  • Aqua,
  • Propylene Glycol,
  • Euglena Gracilis Polysaccharide,
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen,
  • PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil,
  • Hyd roxyethylcellulose,
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract,
  • Fragrance,
  • Benincasa Hispida Seed Extract,
  • Prunus Persica (Peach) Flower Extract,
  • Sodium Hyaluronate,
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8,
  • Sodium Acetate,
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract,
  • Isopropyl Alcohol,
  • Cellulose,
  • Phenoxyethanol,


Tay Thi Collagen Beauty Skin Whitening Water possesses many natural ingredients of nutrients Peach blossom, squash, Ginseng, now adds new active ingredients with pure, gentle properties to help restore and protect the skin.

Licorice Root Extract:

has the effect of natural skin lightening, restoring itchy and sunburned skin, melasma


With the ability to hydrate and retain water thousands of times its weight, it helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture, keeping the skin moist for 48 hours.

Surface tightening with AH8 (acetyl hexapeptide-8): Super peptide with optimal effect on wrinkles: wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, on the face.


Helps to fade dark spots and improve the condition of wrinkles while contributing to the prevention of new wrinkles. Helps limit skin aging, balance skin moisture and whiten smooth skin.

How to use Tay Thi New collagen skin whitening lotion

Use after cleansing, morning and/or evening.

After washing your face, put a sufficient amount of Collagen Cream on your hand and then pat it on your face, use your fingers to gently massage to be absorbed evenly on the skin and gently massage. Avoid the eye area. Combined use of Western Thi Thi collagen day cream and collagen supplements from the inside to help increase the amount of collagen for the body from the inside.

Notes during use

Stop using and wash your face with clean water if there is an allergic reaction: rash, swelling, redness…

Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of clean water.

STORAGE: Store in a dry place, away from direct light.


How much does Tay Thi New Collagen skin whitening lotion cost?

Tay Thi New Collagen skin whitening lotion is being sold for 500,000 VND. Box.

Where to buy western thi new collagen skin whitening lotion?

To buy Tay Thi New Collagen Skin Whitening Lotion, you can do 1 of 2 ways:

  • Tay Thi New Collagen skin whitening lotion is being distributed at drugstores nationwide. You can go to the nearest pharmacy to buy.
  • Order online at website or message us on Facebook Fanpage here . For any questions, please contact 1800 1799 for detailed advice.

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