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Sao Thai Duong bones and joints (Combo 3 boxes for STD Ginger)



Components of Sun Star Joints

  • High fine powder mixed with medicinal herbs (Extracted from the medicinal herbs of Sinh Dia; Bach Thuoc; Party Ginseng; Do Trong; Duong Quy; Bach Linh; Poison; Niu Tat: Tang parasitic; Qin Giao; Xuyen frame; Licorice). ; Room of feng shui; Que chi; Te Tan)
  • Mixed bone broth
  • Cao Quy version.


  • Support meridians to be active, strong tendons
  • Support to reduce joint pain, numbness of limbs due to stagnant blood, due to joint degeneration, rheumatism.

How to use

  • Drink 2-3 times a day, each time 2-3 tablets. Continuous use 1-3 months.

User object

  • People with aches and pains in joints, spine, numbness in knees and limbs due to stagnant blood, rheumatism or osteoarthritis


  • Do not use it for people who are sensitive to any of the ingredients in the product. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Product License

  • No.: 11759/2020/DKSP
  • QC License No: 416/2022/XNQC-ATTP

This food is not a medicine and is not a substitute for medicine.

How much are Sao Thai Duong bones currently being sold for?

Currently, Sao Thai Duong Osteoarthritis is sold at the following prices:

  • Osteoarthritis Sao Thai Duong box of 2 blisters x 15 tablets: 150,000 VND/box
  • Combo 3 boxes of Sao Thai Duong Bone Joint (2 blisters x 15 tablets) clamps and 1 box of Sao Thai Duong Ginger extract (20g bottle): 450,000 VND/combo

Where to buy Sao Thai Duong bones?

To buy Sao Thai Duong Joint Bones, you can do 1 of 2 ways:

  • Sao Thai Duong bones and joints are being distributed at drugstores nationwide. You can go to the nearest pharmacy to buy.
  • Order online at website or Facebook Fanpage here . For any questions, please contact 1800 1799 for detailed advice.
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